If you would like to become a volunteer just telephone our coordinator Ken Catlin or Assistant Ken Dennis, alternatively e-mail on the contact form.  All the voluntary tasks are on a rota system, so which ever one you choose will require not more than three hours of your time once every four or five weeks.

These are the tasks involved:


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The Cornish Guardian is collected on publication day.  News items are cut out and pasted separately onto boards.  The number of news items cut out must be sufficient to last 90 minutes when read aloud.  When completed the newspaper cuttings must be delivered to the Talking Newspaper studio in Bodmin College by not later that 630 on Thursday evening.


There are three readers for each recording session, which takes place at the Talking Newspaper's recording studio at Bodmin College, starting at 7pm on a Thursday evening.  The recording usually takes just over 2 hours.


There is one recordist at each session.    This involves operating the recording equipment, switching the sliders on a mixer to ensure that only the specific microphone for each reader is live when they start to read.   We now record digitally, this involves pressing a spacebar on the computer to create a separate track for each reader in turn.  It is not complicated.  The master recording is left on the desk for the volunteer copyist.


One volunteer is required to go to the Studio on Friday morning to duplicate the master recording to provide one copy for each of the listeners, and put it into the post on Friday so it can be delivered with Saturday's mail. Postage is free of charge.