We currently have quite a small core team of Editors, Readers, Recordists and Copiers.  It looks like it will be some time before we can return to our usual room at Bodmin College so it would be great to have some different voices and share the load out a little if you fancy getting involved again.

Don't forget that the weekly newspaper can be listened to online at: http://nctn.uk/

For reading you only need a modern mobile, tablet or laptop .... we can help you get started with a phone call or online chat if you're unsure. The Editor will email the boards over to you. After you have recorded your stories you email the files over to the Recordist.

Editors need to have access to the weekly papers and be able to scan the boards in and email across to the Readers .... again help is on hand if needed. No special kit is required (other than a scanner).

Recording requires specific software and some experience and knowledge of how to use it.  Phil is very good and is an excellent teacher if you fancy a go.

Copying is pretty straight forward when you have the kit. I am happy to deliver it to you. Our Post Office Sorting Office has been a great support and holds the envelopes for us to collect on Thursday morning (between 7am & 9am). Phil sends over a Dropbox link which is downloaded and then copied and the envelopes are returned to the Sorting Office before 9am on Friday or they can go in the postbox outside to catch the afternoon collection. 

Please do get in touch if you'd like to help out again or have any questions.

Penny continues to do an excellent job of keeping us all organised and she regularly edits and reads too. Without her we would be lost .... so 'Thank you Penny'.

We'd love to hear from you... how you are doing and thoughts about the future etc.

All the very best.